HB9EPW Wernie – Silent Key

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WP_20130523_003We received bad news from Chris, HB9ELV.
It is with great sadness to announce that HB9EPW Wernie passed away from us.
Wernie did reach the age of 54 years.
On behalf of the entire HB9EE Group, Rest in Peace, dear friend. It was a pleasure to know you and we will never forget you!

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CQWW 160m SSB 2013 Report

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The last weekend HB9ELV and I HB9EMP participated the 2013 CQWW 160m SSB contest with the call HB9EE. As the last two years we were operating from the QTH of HB9ELV, since the temperatures were too cold to use the clubstation.

The propagations were way better then the last year, especially the first night we could log many US stations. The second night was worse, just a few oversea stations were logged, the participation in general wasn’t as high as the years before.

During the whole contest, we had a funny challenge with HB30OK (operating from HB9CXZ). We both updated our actual score on cqcontest.ru every couple minutes – so the race was on 😉 We started a bit late on Saturday evening where we lost some important QSO’s, so after that we were always a bit behind them…

In the end we logged 758 QSO’s with a total score of 273’910 points. It was a good challenging contest and for sure next year we will participate again.

At the moment the plannings are ongoing for the H26 HF contest. We won’t work the CQWPX SSB from HB9EE this year, since HB9ELV has the possibility to join the RM5A team in Russia for this contest. Maybe I HB9EMP will operate as single OP one band during the day, depending on the personal workload.

Congratulations to HB30OK, and thanks to all the stations who gave us points.

73 de HB9EE

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CQWW WPX SSB 2012 Result

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The CQWW WPX SSB 2012 Results were published just a few days ago on the official website.

HB9EE with the operator HB9ELV and HB9EMP reached the 1st Place in Switzerland, 20. in Europe and 47. in the World. We reached a final score of 6’710’349 points, 2,572 QSO’s and 1,097 WPX’s in the Category Multi OP – Single Transmitter. This is almost the double amount of points compared to last year!

And.. YES IT IS A NEW Multi-One and Worked WPX Record in Switzerland! Check out here
The Certificate can be found in the “Awards” section.

Thanks for the points!

73’s de HB9EE

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SSB Fieldday 2012 Result

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Last week the official results from the SSB Fieldday 2012 were published here. As last year we won the category QRO! Unfortunately only 11 stations were submitting their logs. We hope next year the weather will be better and the more stations will participate.

Here the results.

Thanks for all the support and points!

73 de HB9EE

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SSB Fieldday 2012 Report

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Last weekend we operated the IARU Region1 SSB Fieldday as HB9EE/p in the category Multi-OP High Power. On the rainy Saturday morning we built up the Antennas and the Station. Since we installed quite some material, we started a littlebit delayed. Our guest Operator HB9CVQ helped us alot with the preparation and his skills.

The Rates were very good during Saturday. We were on the way to beat our last year result. The night was also not too bad if we compare with the H26. But on Sunday morning the band was going down. 10 to 20 meter was not working well anymore, so the pileups disappeared. It seems that the Solar Storm also affected us. Luckely 40 and 80m was still working. Unfortunately on Sunday morning the Powersupply of the VL-1000 broke down. Since we had a second one we could replace it quickly and go on with the contest.

This year the participation from DL and G was again very high. Many /p Stations contacted us and gave us alot of points. In Switzerland not too many Stations were on air. USA and Japan were also around. At the end we logged 1140 QSO’s (2011: 1121 QSO’s) and this results in a total of 513,663 points (2011: 586764 points).If we check the result with all these circumstances, we are still confident with it. We also heard from other Stations that they struggled with the Sun and the weather, so we think the result is still ok.

Operators: HB9ELV HB9EMP HB9EPW and HB9CVQ

Thanks for all the support! The team was functioning and everybody did his best. The next contest will be the CQWW SSB in October. For this big one, we already started the planning of the Station, the coordination with the operators and we are at the moment developing some stuff to improve the Antennasystem.

73 de HB9EE

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IARU HF Championship 160m SSB and 15m CW Report

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As last year, we went on air as HB9HQ for the IARU HF Championship. Since we could organise some good CW operators, we were able to operate additionally 15m CW.

Because of the great effort of HB9ELV, everything was planned perfect. For the 15m part we had a 5 el monobander on 26m and the Optibeam 9-5. For 160m we used an inverted-V, a dipole, a G5RV and a loop. As last year, we installed the beverages to North and East direction.

Like everybody, we were also afraid of bad propagation due to the solar flare. 15m was good, the rates were constantly around 100 Qso/h during day time. At the end we counted 1180 QSO’s on 15m (last year HB9HQ reached 552 QSO’s). The solar flare did not affect too much.

On 160m we were really struggeling. The band was very quiet and the HB stations were rare. Finally we reached 255 QSO’s on 160m (last year we could log 291 stations). The result is still ok, if we  compare to other HQ stations in Europe. It seems that 160m was very bad to many of us.

15m Operators: DJ3CQ Joe, DL1II Michael, DK2GP Karl.

160m Operators: HB9ELV Chris, HB9EMP Mischa, HB9EPW Wernie, DF5MA Andi.

From the other Swiss HQ stations we haven’t any news yet. If you have some results, let us know! 🙂

It was a nice weekend with a lot of fun, great discussions and excellent beer 🙂 We were happy that the equipment did a great job and Murphy stayed at home 😉 We want to thanks all guest operators for their great effort! We hope we meet you soon again!

73 de HB9EE

IARU HF Championship 2012

IARU HF Championship as HB9HQ on 160m SSB and 15m CW

[img src=http://www.hb9ee.ch/wp-content/flagallery/iaru-hf-championship/thumbs/thumbs_hb9hq_signatuers.jpg]28030HB9HQ OP's at HB9EE
[img src=http://www.hb9ee.ch/wp-content/flagallery/iaru-hf-championship/thumbs/thumbs_2012-07-07-18-21-26.jpg]13405el for 15m
[img src=http://www.hb9ee.ch/wp-content/flagallery/iaru-hf-championship/thumbs/thumbs_2012-07-08-18-41-52.jpg]13405el for 15m
[img src=http://www.hb9ee.ch/wp-content/flagallery/iaru-hf-championship/thumbs/thumbs_2012-07-08-21-03-16.jpg]11605el for 15m
[img src=http://www.hb9ee.ch/wp-content/flagallery/iaru-hf-championship/thumbs/thumbs_2012-07-13-21-45-53.jpg]1170Friday night, arrival of the guest OP's
[img src=http://www.hb9ee.ch/wp-content/flagallery/iaru-hf-championship/thumbs/thumbs_2012-07-14-09-54-13.jpg]980Saturday morning, waiting for start, last preparations are ongoing
[img src=http://www.hb9ee.ch/wp-content/flagallery/iaru-hf-championship/thumbs/thumbs_2012-07-14-12-26-23.jpg]910the 160m loop is finally installed
[img src=http://www.hb9ee.ch/wp-content/flagallery/iaru-hf-championship/thumbs/thumbs_2012-07-14-12-26-46.jpg]790160m loop at feeding point
[img src=http://www.hb9ee.ch/wp-content/flagallery/iaru-hf-championship/thumbs/thumbs_2012-07-14-14-55-39.jpg]1110DL1II starts on 15m CW
[img src=http://www.hb9ee.ch/wp-content/flagallery/iaru-hf-championship/thumbs/thumbs_2012-07-14-14-56-13.jpg]1110HB9EMP starts on 160m SSB
[img src=http://www.hb9ee.ch/wp-content/flagallery/iaru-hf-championship/thumbs/thumbs_2012-07-14-20-54-34.jpg]940160m Shack
[img src=http://www.hb9ee.ch/wp-content/flagallery/iaru-hf-championship/thumbs/thumbs_2012-07-14-20-59-04.jpg]900DJ3CQ
[img src=http://www.hb9ee.ch/wp-content/flagallery/iaru-hf-championship/thumbs/thumbs_2012-07-15-02-32-42.jpg]860BBQ Spot
[img src=http://www.hb9ee.ch/wp-content/flagallery/iaru-hf-championship/thumbs/thumbs_2012-07-15-11-07-57.jpg]840Antennas for the HB9HQ contest at HB9EE
[img src=http://www.hb9ee.ch/wp-content/flagallery/iaru-hf-championship/thumbs/thumbs_2012-07-15-11-08-59.jpg]790
[img src=http://www.hb9ee.ch/wp-content/flagallery/iaru-hf-championship/thumbs/thumbs_2012-07-15-11-09-11.jpg]740
[img src=http://www.hb9ee.ch/wp-content/flagallery/iaru-hf-championship/thumbs/thumbs_2012-07-15-11-09-18.jpg]730

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H26 HF 2012 Result

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USKA published the results of the 2012 H26 KW contest a few weeks ago (sorry for the delay, I was 4 weeks on vacation).

This year, much more stations were competing in the contest. We knew that we were very close to HB9QT. Even the fact that we reached 120’000 more points than last year, we could not win the contest – again :(. We made some major mistakes on the lowbands. Important multis were missing at the end. It seems that the stack was working too good i guess 😉

Finally we are on the 2 Place with total 443’232 Points and 1066 QSO’s. Congratulations to HB9QT to win the category. Also many thanks to all participating stations and we appreciate the nice feedback from many of you! The official detailed results can be found here. Our diploma can be found in the “Awards” section.

We looking forward to operate the IARU HF Championship in two weeks. We will work as HB9HQ on 160m SSB and 15m CW (guest operators will be announced soon).

73’s de HB9EE

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H26 HELVETIA HF 2012 Report

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Last weekend we operated the H26 HELVETIA HF Contest. We prepared everything in advance so this was maybe the first time we didn’t have to hurry before the contest 😛 We also organised enough food this time 😉 At 10 o’clock we met us (HB9ELV Chris, HB9EMP Mischa and HB9EPW Wernie) at our  clubstation to finish the last important things and discussed a little bit how we proceed in the next 24 hours. Last year we had a big mess with our power generator but since the last CQWW SSB, we have a new reliable one which was already a couple of times 48 hours in non – stop operation. So this time we were pretty sure that everything will work… Last CQWW WPX the propagations were absolutely fantastic so we were hoping that the bands will be open again, but we knew that the last days some geomagnetic storms were ongoing and that we might have no luck.

Chris HB9ELV started at 15.00 HB time. We had good QSO rates on 40m and 15m. 10m was mostly closed on Saturday, also on 20m, 80m and 160m we couldn’t log many stations during Saturday afternoon/evening. At about 23.30 to 03.00 20m opened up into USA and we improved our rates again. The night in general was nice, the last couple of contest we always a bit out of luck during the night hours. Steve HB3YYD came early in the morning and  worked on our points – Thank you! On Sunday morning at about 6.00 everything seemed to be close. We were hoping to catch JA on 15m and 10m but in fact we couldn’t reach anything, (ok some were around but not as many as we are used to 😉 ). The propagations were really bad. At 10.30 20m was a bit workable. Later during the day 10m was also open and we could reached South America /Africa. But in general only 40m liked us 😉 But as we heared from other participating stations they also had their problems with the bands..

Despite of all the bad impressions we worked 68 countries and logged 1085 QSO’s (170 more than last year). This results in a total score of 447’108 points (110’000 more than last year). What is nice is the fact that we worked 25 cantons on 40m! Only Geneva was missing at the end. We had the feeling that more swiss stations were around this year – nice! 33.5% of the QSO’s went to USA. It is always a pleasure to work you guys. Also some exotic ones like St. Lucia/Trinidad etc.. found the way to us 🙂

As we announced in advance we improved our antenna system. On our new tower we installed two 5-element 20m monobanders and switched them together with a stackmatch (see picture below). Fun! During the full weekend we had to fight with the wind, at some places in Switzerland it peaked the 250 km/h  mark, so we were lucky that everything is still alive 🙂 But we had some shaky moments for sure!

In general we are happy with this result, even the propagations were not with us we could improve this year our result again! It seems that we are again on a top positions if we compare with some others 🙂

Thanks to everybody how supported and visited us! Another special thanks goes again to Peter HB9EPR who spent hours with us to build up everything – great job!

73 de HB9EE

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DXCC on 10m, 15m and 20m

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We are happy to announce that we received the DXCC on 10m, 15m and 20m this week – Thank you!

Hopefully we can also sign in the DXCC for 40m and 80m soon! Just a few ones are missing, so please work us in the future! You can look at the certificates in our new “Award” section in the main menu. Additionally  we added the certificates from contests and clubs and special activations.

The upcoming weekend we participate the H26 Helvetia contest. We are ready for you, and you for us? Our equipment is tested and again we expanded our antenna equipment (as many of you knows 😉 ). Of course we are looking for a top rank, so we count on you 🙂

Thank’s again..

73 de HB9EE

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Last weekend Chris HB9ELV and me HB9EMP participated the CQWW WPX SSB 2012 contest in the category Multi Operator – Single Transmitter. Since HB9EPW is on Holiday and we couldn’t find guest operators, we were only two OP’s. It smelled like 48 hours of fun 😉

The WPX is the first contest we operated from the HB9EE Clubstation in 2012. This time Chris organised some food – a big improvement to last time :p Peter HB9EPR helped building up the equipment and was one who visited us during the weekend. So at least we didn’t feel too lonely…

– Optibeam 9-5 at 12 meter
– 2-El for 40m at 26 meter
– Dipole for 80m
– Inverted-V for 160m
– Yeasu FT-2000D
– Yaesu VL-1000

On Friday evening we left our home and went on the hilltop, our friends knew that we will be off for the contest and that they won’t see us till Monday morning. The families kept the fingers crossed and were hoping that we break the 4 Million record of HB2CA in 1998.

Chris started into the night and was operating until 5:00 HBT. After that I started for a couple of hours. We always changed once one of us needed a break, we didn’t have a time planning or so. With only 2 Operators this wasn’t a problem at all. The one who wasn’t operating was responsible for food, gas in the generator and of course to sleep. During the 48 hours we were not talking alot with each other. Maybe we just gave some informations about the propagations. The propagation was especially good on the top bands. We could enjoy nice 10m openings from Asia to America and of course great Pile-Up’s into Japan and North America on 20m 15m and 40m. The Optibeam was doing a fine job, we are always surprised how well this antenna works. The lowbands were a bit hard but still we logged 517 Qso’s on 40m and the best 10 minutes of the contest were on 40m – a USA pile-up 🙂 In total we logged  1125 Prefixes which seems like another new Swiss record in WPX (the current one is also from us , 852 WPX, last year).  In total we logged 2677 QSO’s which results in an estimated score of 7’292’250 Points. We didn’t expect this at all. a new Multi-Single Record? 🙂 We were surprised when we saw the result at the end. Even our capacity in operating and energy was far away from being at it’s limit we reached that score.

Thanks to everybody who gave us points and visited us during the weekend! Also a special thanks goes to Peter for all the support even though you also had not alot of sleep! Since we are always just a handful of operators Chris openened a  Group on Facebook “Ham Radio Contest / Dxpedition Operator Sharing” to give everybody  a place to search for a contest operating possibility or stations who search operators – thank you!

The next Contest will be the “H26 Helvetia Contest” in April. The planning tasks started already today and for sure we will try to improve the equipment again 😉

73’s de HB9EE

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